Biography of Zora Neale

Zora Neale was born in the family of John Hurston and Lucy Ann Potts on January, the 7th in Eatonville, Florida.  According to Hurston, Zora’s birth year was 1903, but in fact, it was 1891. The town of Eatonville where she spent all her childhood greatly influenced her life.

There she spent thirteen years of her life until her mother’s death. Later on, her father married another woman. She refused to be a stepmother for his daughter; therefore Zora lived with her family members for quite a long time

Though she attended school irregularly, she nevertheless graduated from Morgan Academy in 1918 and then entered Howard University. There she met her future husband Herbert Sheen.

Her major work “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, published in 1937, was her greatest achievement. As the novel won great popularity, it was criticized by many black critics such as Richard Wright, Alain Locke etc.

Zora Neale was a prominent figure in the Afro-American literature. She struggled all her life with poor health and financial instability, however, survived to write some of the most outstanding works of the Harlem Renaissance.