Biography of Robert Frost

Frost’s father, William Prescott Frost, Jr., was a journalist. He had ambitions to establish his career in California so in 1874 they both moved to San Francisco. Due to husband’s unexpected death from tuberculosis in 1885, Isabelle Frost takes her children Robert and Jeanie, to Lawrence, Massachusetts where they were brought up by his parents.There Robert finished high school in 1892. He was the best student (got valedictorian honor) as well as Elinor White whom he was later engaged.

Both, Robert and Elinor, were fascinated by poetry. Robert continued his education at Dartmouth College and Elinor studied St. Lawrence University. Robert’s poetic career start early at high school. His first poem was printed in the Independent, weekly journal, named “My Butterfly: An elegy”

Robert was pretty much bored in the academic world so he left Dartmouth in less than a year. The young couple married in 1895 but faced difficult times so Robert tried to earn some money teaching school and farming…