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What makes Fair Essays different from other online proofreading services and how do you place an order? At Fair Essays, we actually use to proofreaders on every project. When you order with Fair Essays you’re working with an elite squad of over 100 professional editors, journalists, writers, and college instructors, many of whom have received their Ph.D. in English or their MFA and creative writing.

Each of these proofreaders will provide our combined service proofreading for spelling grammar, punctuation and capitalization, editing for clarity sentence structure and consistency of style and providing helpful comments and suggestions.

We fully proofread your manuscripts and fix all English errors in the process. Most importantly, all of the necessary modifications are carried out to polish up your manuscripts and get it ready for publication or prints. We offer high-quality proofreading and quick delivery for prices students can afford.

Our proofreaders can work in a variety of formats including MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE and more broad formats like business editing. We also work on a variety of different types of documents including academic documents like dissertations and research papers as well as creative documents like fiction and memoirs. We also proofread for business documents like manuals, training materials, brochures, and other sales and marketing materials.

Some of the most searched keywords in Google by students are “proofread my essay” and “proofread my paper”. We provide professional essay proofreading services as well as other academic papers.

Proofreading service ensures that your content is plagiarism free, error-free and free from all grammatical mistakes. Typos errors or spelling mistakes, our editors see to it. Our professional and expert academic helpers do not use any proofreading tools because they are not reliable enough and doesn’t produce the right result for you. Rather our expert editors go through your paper with detail and not only once but more than that to ensure quality and error-free paper.

Our online proofreading service would be happy to look at your resume, cover letter, dissertation, any kinds of business materials as long as they’re all in a Word document or a PDF.

We except some proofreads documents 24/7 and you can contact our customer service over the phone, by email or on live chat. If you contact us over the phone you can find us between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day. Keep in mind that Fair Essays has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ve worked with thousands of unique customers and tens of thousands of projects. Feel free to scan through our customer reviews in your spare time.