Biography of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was born to his family on 21th of July,1899 at at 8:00 am. It was an old house in Oak Park were literary genius spend most of the time canoeing and fishing.

He grew up together with his four sisters who influenced greatly on his attitude towards women through his life. His father, Edmonds Hemingway, worked in Oak Park as a medical doctor.

His mother, Grace Hall, was a fabulous musician and music teacher. His parents had quite different thoughts regarding his future career. His father wanted him to become a scientist. While his mother was a musician, she had an intention to make him a professional violin cellist. He started to develop his writing skills early at Oak Park High School and River Forest Township High School.

He was quite an anti-intellectual person; therefore he played a lot of sports games. Hemingway liked to play football, boxing, and swimming where he headed the water basketball team.He never attended the university; however, he gave a speech on his graduation year.

After finishing school, Hemingway started practicing his skills as a writer. After moving to Kansas City he began working on the Kansas City Star. He was bored with his job, so he started looking for some new things like volunteering for the American Red Cross…