Biography of Alice Walker Book Report

Alice Malsenior Walker was born in a poor family of sharecroppers on February 9, 1944. She was the eighth child in the family of Willie and Minnie Lee and they could hardly imagine their daughter become one of the most respected and controversial novelists of the 20th century.

She had a very rich cultural background. Her Grandmother, who was a former slave, greatly influenced her writings that have always been tied in with equality and human rights. Alice Walker received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree at both Spelman College and Sarah Lawrence College

It was 1970 when she published her first novel named, “The Third Life of Grange Copeland”. This novel was a good start for her future career. This was the time when she won the Pulitzer Prize and wrote numerous essays studying the subjects of violence and rape, racism, sexism and troubled relationships.

Therefore, it’s not surprising the fact that Alice Walker could write the novel with the theme of feminism and equal rights since she was pretty much involved in this from the early beginnings.Through her strength of mind and spirit, Alice fights again oppression as it was shown in characters of her works

Alice Walker conveys the powerful woman’s voice to many people as she tells us the story of Celie in the “The Color Purple” or showing the horror many women faced in Warrior Masks…